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Static product images may work for selling clothing, but showcasing complex products with photos is like handing a toddler the keys to a tractor and saying “Good luck.”
When your products are outside the box of typical retail ecommerce, you need to demonstrate their functionality and make it easy for consumers to follow your instructions.
Good thing there’s a smart way to create instructional video content that anyone can access and follow to understand and easily complete a task.
Dive into Vidstep.

About Vidstep:
– Best for: Ecommerce stores, sales teams, and marketers that want to make their “how-to” video content easier to digest
– Use URLs, embeds, and QR codes to strategically place instructions at the exact time and place they’re needed
– Create helpful instructional sales demos and support videos for hybrid workplace team support, micro courses, and product demos

If you’ve ever screamed into the void while assembling furniture, you’d know the importance of good instructions. (“I never want to see another Allen wrench again.”)
With Vidstep, you can make your instructional and how-to videos easier to digest and follow by breaking down the content into steps.
Now getting everyone up to speed is as easy as 1, 2, 3.
Get lifetime access to Vidstep today!

Get lifetime access to Vidstep today!